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Meet Kim, one of the best escorts in Dubai, a perfect choice for those who long to experience the greatest romantic and sensual time with. This girl is a hidden volcano of stamina and passion and knows the precise way how to please you. Genuinely considerate and smart, this lady immediately makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Kim possesses impeccable looks in a stupefying combination of intelligence and charisma. Her white, amazingly smooth skin, long, streaming golden hair and faultless body shapes are packed with exceptional taste into a sophisticated dress style, which makes this sexy escort also a highly presentable companion in public. I see that my photos have captivated your mind and enticed your thoughts. Was it my tiny waist accentuated by my womanly curves? Are you wondering what my big brown eyes look like framing my doll-like face? I can assure you that my face while withheld for privacy reasons is my greatest asset. My physical features while capturing your attention are only the surface of Sasha Belle. My soulful presence and mind are what captivates those I meet. I am extremely warm and comforting. Constantly complimented on my radiant energy - I glow from the inside out. I will have you melting in my arms before you can wipe the smile off your face. And my smile is radiant - it will recharge yours. My youthfulness, while vibrant and energetic is balanced with the 'old soul' that nurtures my world views. I am educated in the conventional sense of schooling and tertiary education but where my mind is immersed in passion is people and connections - in good values, ethics, and humanities. I adore connecting with others and have a wondrous ability to create a sense of comfort in my lovers. I am hereby love and choice and while I have dabbled in finishing university degrees and chasing the corporate life at times, I am constantly drawn back into this world where I thrive. In this beautiful world to which you have found yourself searching. Searching to my profile looking for something more... I can let you know how I am that something more. We've both been drawn to this world for a reason. I know mine, come to me with yours. I am that genuine face you've been yearning to meet - that soft touch, that female presence to reignite your passion. You can relax now knowing you've found the answer. Heart and soul are my defining nature that I establish my genuine connections with my lovers. I am immaculately presented at all times. You will find this as your fingers fall through bouncy dark curls, tracing my baby soft olive skin as they glide over my lacey designer lingerie. My petite manicured hands take yours... Oh, I apologize did your mind wander for a second? I am a bit cheeky like that. I encapsulate the term 'curves in all the right places'- I think we can both see that abundantly. I keep my svelte curves toned with daily gym workouts that help sustain my energetic nature. I won't narrate the nature of my bedroom semantics, my minx like self encapsulates that enough with my presence.

169 cm
50 kg

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