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Judy is a very sensual Abu Dhabi escort companion with beauty and brains, 
 that makes her the perfect lady for all your companionship needs.
Judy is exclusively for VIP men.
She takes pride in maintaining a reputable and service focus on the highest standards of
delivering quality.
Truly elite upscale companion, the high class who provides exclusive dates,
social companionship, GFE.
My bag of toys is with me on the floor, I take my favorite one and as I use it on myself, I imagine a man above me, spreading my legs, grabbing my breasts.
I know what I should be focused on, my group of girlfriends I've invited over for dinner,
they're waiting for me to return from my quick errand, waiting for me to continue my role as the doting host.
But my mind won't be stopped, it wanders, it dreams, and it's the reason I find myself alone now in the upstairs hallway.
I'm w*t, my heart races, and I ache to finish myself off before someone comes searching for me. I know I only have mere minutes.
I bet you know this feeling too, where your mind becomes clouded, it can't see through the sexual fog, the haze, that's taken on a life of its own and tells you it needs to be satisfied now.
You know you've let it consume you for too long, but it can't be stopped…
If I could, I would wrap my legs around you and ride you hard. I would keep going till we both collapsed sweating, too tired to go on. Exhausted and done. 
My friends know me as sweet, bubbly, an engaging conversationalist, and a loving package of fun.
When I'm with them in public I'm always wearing innocent girly dresses, my long blonde hair is in curls, my soft skin glows.
What my friends don't know is, I yearn for a man to pull my hair back as he takes me from behind. I crave rough lips against mine,
I want a tongue exploring every part of me, erotic, wild, and uncontrolled. I have this ache to be bad, and the thought alone is such a thrill.
Upon meeting me you will be struck not just by my seductive eyes or tight, limber physique, but by the feeling that I put you at ease, that you feel comfortable with me, and that you're ready to tell me the things you long to try but have never been able to articulate before. 
When you're with me, nothing is off-limits. Every dirty, naughty, crazy desire you've ever had, it can come to life when we're together. I've got a mind full of dirty thoughts to share. Contact me now and I will come to the door, a bag of toys in hand, ready to unleash everything I have on you.


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